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  • In Photos: Cairo 360 Celebrates 8th Anniversary at CJC

    Much of what we - actually - remember is that we were in the loony box with some of the grooviest and funkiest peeps at Cairo 360. Loose legs,  twerking hips; slow but sure in the paces; and ecstasy was all up to their faces: this is how we could put into words what it was like celebrating Cairo 360 turning eight, with DJ Feedo on the decks at Cairo Jazz Club! Also, we can recall - so vividly - a far-fetched dream coming to life of, seeing those grumpy faces lose it all to the drops of the beats and rhythmic tunes. The definitive guide to the capital has pushed through eight years of unwavering success (and anniversaries) with a long list of party fanatics (the ironically, extremely hardworking).