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  • In Photos: Cairo 360 Celebrate 7th Anniversary with Huge Night at Cairo Jazz Club

    Our sister site, Cairo 360, celebrated another year of being the definitive guide to living in this, the most unpredictable of capitals, with another huge party at their home away from home, Cairo Jazz Club. As has become tradition for Cairo 360's anniversary bash, hip-hop was on the menu for the night , with a side of r&b and other equally booty-jiggle-inducing music, served up by two of the best at what they do, Ramy DJunkie and A.K. With the likes of actor Ahmed El Fishawy, rapper SFNX and indie-popper Osama El Hady in attendance it was a typically rambunctious night of which we and the 360 guys have little recollection of - though these photos tell quite a story. Happy Birthday and here's to many more!

    N.B., we apologise to CJC on behalf of Cairo 360 for the mess that was made. See you next year, though!

    We used to think that we were the crazy ones in the Media Republic family, but t turns out that that Cairo 360 is. Check out the full album of Cairo 360's 7th anniversary at Cairo Jazz Club. Warning: it got messy.