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  • In Photos: Another Swanky Winter WineLand Festival with Gianaclis

    Sliding under the warm bed sheets during the cold cold weather seems to be a passion of ours during this overly numbing winter. But, for the second year in a row, the folks at Gianaclis are thinking differently. Instead of hiding from the winter’s dreary weather, Gianaclis is embracing it with wine, food, entertainment, and all that is essential for a great festival. Gianaclis hosted their second annual Winter WineLand festival last month at El Castillo Palace, and the air was buzzing with tunes, laughter, and the aroma of Gianaclis’ wines and cocktails, as well as a stunning firework show. If all days of winter are like this, we might as well forget about basking in the sun or hiding in our overly-sized hoodies.