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  • Cairokee @ Galleria40

    If there was ever any doubt about how huge Cairokee are in Egypt right now, you needn't look further than the band's recent gig at Galleria40. Performing as part of the Sheikh Zayed mall-come-dining-come-hangout-complex's Winter Festival Amir Eid, Sherif Hawary, Tamer Hashem, Sherif Mostafa andAdam El Alfy took to the stage in front of hundreds of fanatics for what was pretty special performance. Dusting off and unleashing some of their older songs as part of the evening's set-list, the sheer amount of people - and the occasional cries of 'AMIR, ANA BA7EBAK' - only served to cement Cairokee's position as one of the most popular in the business right now, with the gig coming off the back of the band's 12th anniversary celebrations.