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  • Cairo Shares in Mexican Independence Day Celebrations with Olmeca

    If you look back through history, you could argue that Mexico and Egypt have several things in common -  diverse and varied landscapes veiled by a mainstream misunderstanding that the country is basically a desert? Check. Ancient civilizations whose impact and influence on the world is still felt today? Check. We're not saying there's some kind of Ancient Alien link, but you might even argue that Mexicans and Egyptians share a similar fiery temperament. Whatever the case, this year's Mexican Independence Day was celebrated across the world, including in Cairo, courtesy of  the Ambassador of Mexico, José Octavio Tripp, who opened up his residence in Maadi for a spectacular evening of music and entertainment. The evening also marked the arrival of premium Mexican tequila, Olmeca, in Egypt, rounding off what was a muy caliente night  that brought the best of Mexican and Egypt together.