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  • Cairo 360's 6th Anniversary @ Cairo Jazz Club

    Contrary to popular belief, the guys at our sister site, Cairo 360, aren't just a bunch of know-it-alls who get kicks from picking at every minute detail in their reviews. Well, they are kind-of like that, but having shared headquarters and played happy family with them over the last three years, the men and women who made the definitive guide to the capital what it is today certainly know how to mark an occasion - none more so than with their recent celebration of their sixth anniversary. Returning to their home away from home, Cairo Jazz Club, hip-hop and r&b connoisseur, DJ AK, was on hand to keep booties clapping, so to speak, on what was a huge night that not only produced plenty of memories, but also plenty of potential inter-company blackmail material.

    Having set the standard for online lifestyle publications way back in 2010, Cairo 360 stands as a beacon of online excellence that we at Cairo Gossip can only dream of achieving. Happy anniversary, guys!*

    *Disclaimer: These words and opinions are absolutely and unequivocally our own. No intimidation or emotional blackmail was used by any involved parties.