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  • 'Amen - A Prayer for the World' Exhibition Opening at Gallery El Bab

    After the success of last year's 'In Peace and with Compassion: The Way Forward', CARAVAN's latest exhibition comes in the form of 48 statues, each designed by Egyptian and Western artists. With each representing a form of prayer, 'Amen - A Prayer for the World' is one of the most eerily engaging exhibitions Cairo has seen in a long time, with themes of hope and cultural understanding being the base. The exhibition is set to run till July 1st at Cairo Opera House's Gallery El Bab, before going onto be show in New York and Washington D.C. and being auctioned at Sotheby's, with 30% of proceeds going toward building and running a school in Istabl Antar as part of a SODIC CSR initiative. For fans of art, this is is an exhibition not to miss.