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  • #YouOnlyDieOnce: Facebook's Legacy Contact Option is Creepy

    In an age where being a social media influencer is now considered a legit career, maintaining your presence on social media has never been more important. Being a lean, mean, virtual-life machine, Facebook has rolled out the 'Legacy Contact' function to make sure you can keep up appearances on the social networking site from beyond the grave - just because you're dead, it doesn't mean your almighty power as an influencer should be too.

    So, how does it work? Essentially, you assign a Facebook friend as your Legacy Contact, who, after your tragic death, will assume control of some of your Facebook profile after Facebook is informed. They can pin a post on your profile, change your profile picture and respond to friend requests, though they won't be able to post on your behalf or access your messages - so no real fraping can be done.


    Many have lambasted Facebook for the feature, with words like 'pathetic' and 'sick' being thrown around by many - and by many, I mean the people sitting around me right now as I try to defend the feature. But I can't defend it. It's sort-of, kind-of, utterly ridiculous. I have started interviewing potential Legacy Contact candidates, though; to apply, send your CV to haisamisdead@cairogossip.com. No weirdos.

    By Haisam Awad