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  • VIVA THE EGYPTIAN ARMY: Haifa Wehbe is Being Weird

    In a country that treats national revolutions like a YouTube comment section, we show a strange amount of gratitude towards certain celebrities that are clearly mimicking public opinion in order to keep their seat in the spotlight nice and warm - we're looking at you, Ali El Haggar.

    The latest celebrity to follow the trend is Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe who posed on a tank next to a clearly bewildered soldier, and felt this was a strong enough show of support to post on Twitter.

    But this isn’t the first time Haifa has chosen to appear in weird photo-shoots wearing weird pseudo-sexual expressions next to completely mundane things.

    Here she is doing weird things with sand.

    Here she is doing weird things to a cat.

    Here she is doing weird things with popcorn.


    ...and here she is waiting for the' money shot'.