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  • Two Die in Gangam Style Incident at Yemeni Wedding

    You know that old saying? Bad music will be the death of us all? No? Well, I've been saying it for years.

    Now, plenty of people in Yemen will be saying it, after a wedding guest in the town of Taiz shot four people, killing two and wounding another two, with a loaded AK-47 while (probably) doing that ridiculous arm-cross-hopping thing to Psy’s hit single, ‘Gangam Style’.

    Moving past why people find it appropriate to carry loaded assault rifles to joyous occasions – something that Yemenis have integrated into their otherwise boring desert lives – I move to honour the memory of the two deceased by never, ever, ever, playing that song anywhere.

    And this comes solely by my desire to respect the dead and not because I am getting fed up of having to suffer through the song at every party I attend.