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  • Topless Butler Service Launches in Dubai

    The Middle East's rebellious teenage rich-girl, Dubai, keeps on pushing the boundaries of Arab luxury with one events management service now offering topless butlers for private functions.

    Scantily clad men wearing Speedos, collars, cuffs and the feeling of underachievement on their faces can now be hired to refresh your Slippery Nipples and serve you hors d'oeuvres for only 500Dhs per man, per hour.

    While in Dubai, this sort of extravagance is thought of as a neat party gimmick, here in Egypt it poses as a solution the rampant unemployment problems in the country. Recruitment agents can set up booths in the shower rooms of El Gezirah Club to see if any potentials ‘measure up’. And that's why I should be President of Egypt - I'm all about solutions.