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  • Spy Eagle: Hezbollah Detain Suspicious-Looking Bird

    Humanity loves stereotypes; it makes it so much easier to learn about cultures without actually having to do any discovering ourselves. Lately, Arabs have been getting a bad rep – what with all the illiteracy and genocide.

    Well, now a lesser known vice of the area is coming into light; namely our paranoia concerning birds. The spy stork/duck incident in Qena in August – when local officials detained the bird on charges of espionage – has been mimicked in Lebanon where guerrilla outfit, Hezbollah, captured an endangered eagle migrating from Israel on the exact same suspicions.

    Spy Eagle

    Apparently, unaware that we’re in the technological age and most acts of recon involve satellites and not an extremely rare species of bird, Hezbollah still assumed that the electronic tracker placed on the eagle was a high-tech intelligence device. To be honest, I have no idea how we’re bent on the sort of world domination the international media thinks we’re capable of if one of our most highly feared militant organisations doesn’t understand the concept of warfare.