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  • Smokable Tea: The Next Hipster Trend is Nigh

    Drugs are bad, kids - really, very bad. You know what is good, though? Tea - the real Egyptian man's beverage of choice. But one zany, tea-loving American isn't content with just drinking it and has repurposed it in a way that is a fascinating as it is peculiar - she sells smokable  tea.

    Liz Nieves has triggered the trend from her quaint little shop, Raganella's Botanical Solutions, in Brooklyn, New York and has found a very enthusiastic niche market for it. Sold as an alternative, high-free option to hash and marijuana, Nieves handcrafts her own smokable tea blends - each suitable for particular moods and purposes - with customers raving about its calming benefits.

    Surely, this is perfect for Cairo - no two substances are held in such high regard as hash and tea. Check out the video below as Nieves explains the delicate process.