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  • 'Shutup Your Mouse Obama' Woman Appears on Arabs Got Talent, Egypt Collectively Cringes

    When Mona Al Beheiri (aka the Shutup Your Mouse Obama woman) went viral last year, her misspoken sentiment quickly went from being mildly humourous to rather embarrassing - this is what the world saw of Egypt as the country stood on the edge of its second 'democratically' elected president in as many years. This was the most heard voice of any.

    But because Egyptians know no limit to self-humiliation in the name of fifteen minutes of fame, Al Beheiri appeared on MBC's Arabs Got Talent this week, just to knock one more nail into the coffin that is Egypt's already damaged and tattered reputation in the region.

    Who at the show thought this was a good idea? Why was she there? What does her 'message to the world' have to do with the Arab's Got Talent? What was her 'talent' meant to be? Again, why was she there?

    She may well be the smart one in all of this and making a shit load of money. But shame on MBC. Shame on the human zoo of a show that is Arabs Got Talent. Quite frankly, shame on Mona Al Beheiri.

    On another note, does that Qusai dude ever take his hat off? WHAT'S HE HIDING?