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  • 'Selfie' Announced as 'Word of the Year'

    Wow, English sure has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the minds of literary greats like Shakespeare and Chaucer. The people over at Oxford Dictionary Online have named ‘selfie’ the Word of the Year due to its usage increasing by – get this – 17,000%.

    First used on a forum by a drunken Australian chap who inadvertently took a picture of his fat-lip, ‘selfie’ didn’t have the decency to stay hidden in the bowls of the internet and quickly became the favourite term for teenagers who don’t get told they’re pretty as often as they liked.

    Let’s face it though, we’re all guilty of empowering the term. Hell, anyone hiding behind the Cairo Gossip spiel is the last person that should judge humanity on moral integrity. But we can all agree that language should never have to suffer the whims of online attention whores.