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  • Seeking Revenge? This Egyptian Facebook Page Offers 'Baltageya' For Hire...

    As a breeding ground for all things weird, social media never ceases to surprise, especially when in the hands of Egyptians. There are plenty of controversies floating around Facebook, but the latest is one of the strangest we've seen in quite some time.

    The concept is simple; Egyptian page, El Srag, offers baltageya (thugs) for hire. While the page is littered with phrases such as 'bullying issues' and 'rights recovery', and even uses an image of Robin Hood, the page isn't shy about using the word baltageya. Having appeared a few weeks ago, the page has amassed an impressive amount of likes and, at one point, made an announcement that it was blocking its messaging because of the sheer amount of correspondence it was received.


    Is it real? Almost certainly not (we hope not, at least), but this is one joke that's certainly committed - the page has special artwork and posts advertising its different 'packages', claims to have a PR department and an operations department and has even been offering special Ramadan rates.


    Whoever is behind the page even shared the story of how the page came to be...

    el srag status final

    There you go, folks - justice at affordable rates. Entrepreneurship really is booming in Egypt. Click here for more...

    Update: The Page has been deleted as of the morning of June 28th

    By Kalam El Qahaira