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  • Red Carpet Rampage: Help Leo Finally Get His Oscar with This Hilarious Game

    There are certain events and phenomena that define and shape a period's popular culture; if we were to point to something now, for example, one might consider Kanye West's slow descent into madness as a phenomena that will continue throughout the year - which is fine by us for sheer entertainment value.

    But the last few years, one man's quest for glory has been the talk of the town. We speak of course of Leonardo DiCaprio, whose universally-supported pursuit of an Oscar win has been immortalised in a game by London-based companies, the Line and Electric Theatre.

    The kooky little game lets you take control of poor Leo in a mad dash along the red carpet, weaving past paparazzi and collecting bonus points in the form of SAG and Golden Globe awards to get to your goal.

    Click here to play. God speed.