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  • Rack City: The WineRack is the Bra You Need This Summer

    Ladies (and maybe gentlemen), have you ever wanted bigger boobs without the commitment & expense of surgery? Do you sometimes carry around a sneaky flask to avoid overpriced drinks when going out? Take a seat, because we’ve found the device to solve all your truly urgent dilemmas.

    From the philosophers that brought you the Beerbelly - the stealthy beverage storage system that means you can drink whenever you want at the expense of looking like you have a bit of a gut - comes the WineRack; a bra that will turn your A Cup into DDs while storing your wine.


     Boring day at the office? Communion not coming quickly enough at church? People judging you for drinking in Ramadan? Standing in ANY line at ANY government building? Take a surreptitious sip from your treasure chest. The WineRack is your answer to all of life’s woes (except maybe alcoholism).


    If you order now, you could have a nice rack by summer.

    By Noor Salama