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  • Puppy Bombs: The Muslim Brotherhood's Secret Weapon?

    The Muslim Brotherhood and it's supporters are a sneaky, dastardly bunch, but you have to hand it to them, they're pretty creative – anyone remember their edible makeshift helmets?

    Well one of the group's many darker sides has been coming to the forefront in recent weeks after initial reports in June alleged that puppies were being dipped in gasoline, lit, then used as make-shift bombs in order to disrupt security formations during demonstrations.

    A number of US media outlets – including CBS New York – have reported this week that the Egyptian Society of Mercy for Animals has worked in conjunction with New Jersey shelter, Pet ResQ Inc. to find homes for two rescued puppies – named Cairo and Cleo.


    Puppy bombs, spy storks and a donkey named Sissi – Egyptians just get animals, don't they? You can read more about he Egyptian Society of Mercy for Animals on our much smarter sister site, Cairo 360.