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  • Paul van Dyk Album Banned in Egypt

    I feel it necessary to sigh before we even begin. Sigh. Ok, let's do this.

    Some months ago, German DJ, Paul van Dyk, was hailed as some sort of musical messiah as he prepared for the release of his latest album, The Politics of Dancing 3. Essentially a concept album, the record brought together DJs and producers from around the world to "show the unifying power of dance music." Now I feel it necessary to roll my eyes, but let's stay focused on the matter at hand.

    Unfortunately for Mr van Dyk, various news outlets have this week announced that the DJ's solution to world peace has been banned across several countries in the Middle East including Egypt and Lebanon. Why? Because it features Israeli DJ acts, Michael Tsukerman and Las Salinas - despite the fact that several Arab DJs are featured, including Egypt's Aly & Fila.

    At 43 years of age, van Dyk is as active as ever and despite maybe enjoying more popularity and relevance in the past, you've got to give the guy his due; as one of the first 'superstar DJs', van Dyk was the first to win a Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronic album category, the first to be named No. 1 DJ by Mixmag and has received bucket loads more of accolades over a career spanning almost 25 years.

    Speaking to AFP, an understandably upset van Dyk is seemingly in despair."It's almost surreal, and it's disappointing. I really thought we had progressed further than that already."

    No, Paul. This is Egypt.