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  • P-P-Puker Face: Lady Gaga Pushes Boundaries of 'Art'

    If there's anything you can count on this big, bad, unpredictable world, it's that Lady Gaga will intermittently dominate your news feed draped in something pretty ridiculous. This time, however, 'Mother Monster' isn't hitting the headlines for an outfit, but for a strange art-stunt during a recent performance at SXSW.

    The performance in question saw designer and collaborator, Millie Brown, take to the stage with two bottles. Ms Brown proceeded to then down  a luminous green liquid, before promptly giving her throat the double-finger treatment and puking all over Gaga - then again with a black liquid (skip to around 2:20 on the video below).

    Many have leaped to the defense of Gaga, claiming it to be art. I'm open minded enough to accept that as form of expression, so  the next logical step is to have someone shit on her on stage, which there will be no shortage of volunteers for, I'm sure.