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  • 'Muslim Queen' Music Video Stirs Up Controversy

    Life for a Muslim man is tough - wait, here us out. All the pressures of finding a good, modest Muslim woman to bear your children is the thorn in the paw of so many - something that Canada based duo, Karter Zaher and Jae Deen, part of three man collective, Deen Squad, tackle head-on with heartfelt song, Muslim Queen.

    Telling of a love-at-first-sight situation, yummy blue-eyed, ponytailed singer, Zaher, takes the lead on a track that includes lines such as, She covered and she love it cuz she do it for the Lord/I asked her for her hand but her daddy said no.

    Meanwhile, rapper, Deen, continues with, The Day that we get married she'll be mama in the kitchen/She'll be like Jae Dean, I always love the rhymes you spittin'/So tonight Imma just cook you halal chicken. Outstanding.

    Far from a serious song, some have challenged the song's lyrics for its portrayal of what a Muslim woman 'should be' (take a look at the comments on YouTube) though we're going to choose a more righteous path in assuming that Zaher and Deen had their tongues firmly planted in their pious cheeks. That being said, may we all find our Halal Diva this Holy Month.