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  • Kim Kardashian to Release 'Book of Selfies'

    Is there a more ridiculous creature on the face of the planet than Kim Kardashian? Well, actually, maybe her hubby, Kanye.

    The talents of the reality TV star and world-class booty seemingly know no end as she embarks on a new project - a book of selfies.

    The 352-page book is said to be titled 'Kim Kardashian Selfish' and will cost $19.99, according to TIME Magazine. Said to feature new 'never-before-seen' photos, Kardashian attributes the inspiration for the book to 'not knowing what to get Kanye for Valentine's Day'.

    Set to be published in April 2015, the book is a perfect gift for someone stupid who you don't like very much.

    Here's the queen of selfies herself with tips on how to take that perfect selfie.