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  • Japanese Game Show 'Orgasm Wars'

    The Japanese are quite something, aren't they? Japan is a nation of culture, fine cuisine and technological advancement that the West can only dream of.

    But Japan is also the world leader in the production of weird TV and porno; two things that game show 'Orgasm Wars' brings together in the most unholy of ways.

    The premise of this particular episode is simple: gay guy goes down on straight guy and tries to make him blow his wasabi -  if you know what I mean. The combatants in question are gay-bar owner, Takuya (the sucker), and Japanese porn star, Ryou Sawai, (the suck-ee).

    This is why Japan will always be great. They just simply and utterly don't give a sh*t.

    Poko x Tate - Orgasm wars: AV actor Sawai VS... by jimakutv