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  • It Rained Money (Somewhere) in the Middle East

    The recent waves of sandstorms and rain across Egypt and the Middle East have been replaced by waves of confusion after a video emerged showing residents of a neighbourhood in either Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Dubai - no one's 100% sure - scrambling to pick up money that was allegedly and inadvertently released into the wild by two bank employees.

    While many Western news outlets have reported that the incident happened in Dubai, many have suggested that the incident took place in Kuwait, though Saudi newspaper, Sabq, has claimed that the money-storm happened in the southern Saudi province of Asir. The newspaper explained that said bank employees were replenishing a nearby ATM, when all of a sudden...BAM - a gust of wind triggered what looked like a scene from a 90s Ramadan prank show.

    Meanwhile, back here in Cairo, droplets of liquid that have condensed from vapour in the atmosphere before precipitating are falling - it's raining rain. Not money.