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  • ISIS Prank at Egyptian Wedding Goes Viral

    A video has emerged this week of a bizarre prank played on an unsuspecting Egyptian bride at a wedding in the town of El Monofia. According to reports,  the love of her life felt that Egyptian weddings were 'too formulaic' and wanted to do something to surprise his wife-to-be.

    Naturally, he orchestrated a fake ISIS kidnapping - as you do. 

    Beyond breaking the monotony of traditional Egyptian weddings, the groom is said to have wanted to send a message to ISIS that "Egyptians will not be cowed by ISIS. "

    While it's probably not every bride's fantasy to be 'abducted' and guided into a cage with a masked, knife-wielding man at her wedding, her panic quickly turns to amusement when the DJ smoothly transitions from ISIS's anthem to an electro-sha3by dance track and the masked man is revealed to be her brother. Hilarious.

    The prank has been condemned in Egyptian social media circles, with many arguing that the cage is in incredibly bad taste, considering the recent atrocities committed by ISIS. Similar criticisms were leveled at a recent SNL ISIS skit, featuring Dakota Johnson and the rebuttal remains the same. 

    "We aren’t making light of other people’s blood," the bride says. "We’re showing that we’re not scared, and that Egyptians meet any crisis with laughter and comedy.”

    What's wrong with the classic cake-in-the-face wedding prank?