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  • Hossam Hassan Saved From Jail Time...By His Daughter

    Egypt's all-time top scorer, general footballing legend and one half of one of Egypt's most infamous twins, Hossam Hassan, has been spared potential jail time after his recent publicised assault of a police photographer - thanks to his daughter, Jana.

    The man who came to be at the end of a beating that looked like a sequence out of a Three Stooges film,  Reda Abdelmaged, has apparently dropped all charges against Hassan, after reading an emotional Facebook post from the teenager, according to the BBC.

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    "Her words made me sad," Abdelmaged told reporters, continuing, "I saw what Hossam's kid wrote on her Facebook when she said she was sad because she might see her dad in prison."

    The  incident happened after a match between Al Masry and Ghazl Al Mahalla in Port Said last Friday, when players and staff from both sides came to blows. Hassan was quickly suspended for three matches by the Egyptian FA and fined a reported sum of 10,000LE. The match ended in a 2-2 draw, if anyone's interested.

    The message, which was publicly posted and so is visible to non-friends (coincidence?),  has been shared hundreds of times and seems to have had a particularly heartfelt effect on Abdelmaged.

    "I decided to end the case, as I love the city of Port Said," he told reporters. "And, let me tell you that I love Hossam Hassan and his twin Ibrahim as they made the Egyptians happy."

    And Abdelmaged is right - Port Said is actually pretty cool.

    By Haisam Awad