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  • Egypt's Summer 2014 Beach Fashion Trend Spotted in Sharm El Sheikh

    An unlikely Egyptian has become a star on Facebook thanks to his incredibly fetching beach attire.

    The unknown man has become such a hit, in fact, that the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Hotels has been forced to chime in, stating that 'it is a personal choice' and that 'no one can be forced to wear swimming trunks', according to local newspaper, El Youm El Sabe'.


    Our resident fashion expert, Jean Sebastien Zalabya, had this to say:

    "The vest and y-front look is the fashion industry's best kept secret as we move into summer 2014. It's a simple but elegant look that opens up plenty of accessorizing options. Here we have a man who isn't afraid to experiement and I applaud him for it. The formal brown shoes are a risk, but he pulls it off fantastically thanks to his matching man-purse and the simple act of tucking his vest into his pants - which creates a perfect beach silhouette."


    With hunks like him trawling our beaches, Egyptian tourism will be back on its feet in no time.