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  • Egypt's First 'Air-Conditioned Jail' is Big News

    In what is being branded as a huge step forward for the Egyptian government's, let's say 'questionable', human rights record, the Ministry of Interior has this week unveiled its latest step in addressing the squalid condition of police station jails in the country - by giving them the gift of air conditioning.

    Prisoners at Al Nozha Police Station were shown on TV show, Mas El Gedida, glowing with gratitude, with one relieved cellmate saying that, "Since the air conditioning units have been installed, people's moods have changed - there's a nice spirit, now, and everyone is behaving."

    The move marks a new concentrated effort to paint Egypt as a land of freedom and justice, with rumours circulating that inmates at Al Nozha Police Station are now demanding free Wi-Fi and minibar privileges, in exchange for their right to a fair trial and the occasional police gang-beating.

    Check out the incredibly bizarre coverage. Ta7ya Masr.