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  • Egyptian Preacher: "You Can Watch Your Future Wife Shower"

    I don't usually get nostalgic about Islamic law,  but I remember a time when a fatwa meant something. They struck fear into hearts and passed judgement on some rather big issues. Right or wrong, a fatwa was serious business.

    Nowadays, a fatwa is about as as insightful and useful as a Christmas cracker joke - and it keeps getting worse.

    The latest nugget of wisdom to emerge comes from right here in our very own painfully backwards Egypt. Usama Al Qawsi has suggested that potential Muslim grooms should be allowed to watch their potential brides in the shower, in order to really figure out whether she is 'the one'. Furthermore,  Al Qawsi has also said that the man can 'hide' while doing this - if his intentions are pure.

    What criteria one should judge a woman's showering skills on is unclear, but hey, any woman is the right woman when she's naked and wet.

    Meanwhile, Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments, Mohammed Mukhtar, has dismissed the fatwa as nonsense. That sums it up pretty nicely.