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  • Dutch Art Project 'Dictator Chips' is Awesome

    Dutch designer, Virginie Moerenhout, has paid homage to dictators past and present in the best way possible; by immortalising them in potato-based snacks - and even our own dear Hosni Mubarak is on the shelves.

    dictator chips

    Carrying the slogan "Taste us once and you'll never want anything else!", Dictator Chips - as a political statement of a project - poses the very real question of why Western countries who champion democracy maintain business links with dictator states. 

    But what does 'Egypt Flavour' taste like? The salty tears of ex-ministers, with a hint of teargas.

    Thank you to CG Mole and Cairo-lover, Anne De Groot, who has been enjoying munching Mubarak's chips back in Holland.