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  • Dunkin’ Donuts Egypt Dropped a Totally Racist Ad on Instagram

    We can all agree that navigating the minefield of social media can be tricky; people are always finding new things to be offended by. However, some things are just plain black and white not okay (pun unintended). 

    Dunkin Donuts crossed the line when they posted an ad earlier this week featuring a powdered sugar doughnut and a chocolate covered doughnut side by side, claiming that the ‘white’ doughnut is prettier than the chocolate one (s'cuse me?) but they’re going to eat both because they’re not racist (riiiiiiiight).


    The image isn’t a one-off either; Dunkin' Donuts posted a number of sexist ads during their #MenvsWomen campaign (with a title like that, what can you expect?), one claiming that Egyptian girls’ appetites don’t diminish when they’re upset—on the contrary, they just binge on doughnuts, with another showing a girl crying while the guy behind her shrugs as he eats a Boston Crème (which contradicts the former ad, but whatever).


    In a third ad, they claim women eat their doughnuts with a knife and fork, all neat and pretty, while men “don’t waste time” and just stuff their faces. 


    Egypt is not in need of another Birell-esque ad campaign. Can Dunkin Donuts’ marketing team recover from this faux-pas?

    By By Salma Thanatos Rizk