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  • Donald Trump to Run for US Presidency, World Says "Huh?"

    We don't often touch on politics in that strange, faraway land called the United States of America, but rarely have we come across anything that made us double take, gasp and spit the pomegranate-infused green tea out of our mouths.

    Billionaire tycoon and grumpy TV personality, Donald Trump, has today announced that hes is to run for office - like, he wants to be president. Donald Trump wants to be the president of the most powerful nations on earth, guys. Take a moment to let that sink in. He has, of course, threatened to do so before, but did anyone really think he would do it?

    Promising to 'Bring back the American Dream', the man who's hair looks like it wants to escape from him told adoring fans at Trump Towers that his business acumen would put him in good stead for the highest office in the land. But in true Trump style, he also demonstrated why this could be and even more disastrous than the Bush administration, referring to China as a bigger threat than ISIS,  asserting that Mexico is "not our friend" and taking a jab at Obama, asking the crowd, "How stupid are our leaders?"

    So, instead of including a link to his announcement speech, we feel that this video is much more of an accurate portrayal of the possible future president of the USA. It just sounds weird. God bless 'merica.