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  • Cat-chy Tunes: Music Scientifically Designed for Cats

    When my kitties are anxious (and they often are, frequently despairing at the delays of parliamentary elections and the state of LGBT rights) my upstanding Egyptian vet prescribes Xanax. He suggests - and this is absolutely true - that I crumble the pills into their treats. It works temporarily, but ultimately, what this means is that I have two really dopey, pill-popping cats that have withdrawal symptoms that put Lindsay Lohan to shame.  

    But fear not, fellow cat owners with questionable ethics – you might not need to over-medicate your anxious feline companions any longer. There now exists a website dedicated to music for cats.

    But you won't find Cat Stevens, Pussycat Dolls or Atomic Kitten on musicforcats.com.

    The man behind it all, Dr Charles Snowdon, has dedicated his life’s work to creating music for cats. Speaking to the Huffington Post, Snowdon announces, “Cats are not humans and humans are not cats and it is important that we humans, as the servants of cats, be aware of this difference."

    It’s good to see that crazy cat ladies come in all shapes and sizes.

    To create the unique tracks, Dr Snowdon and a clowder of other scientists have attempted to emulate the natural noises of cats. In my head, this translates into a bunch of middle-aged academics on all fours in a lab somewhere meowing at each other.  According to Snowdon and co, the tempo of the tracks is based on the natural rhythms of kitties purring and suckling. Yum.

    They’ve finally perfected the formula and have released some snippets that have been scientifically proven to chill your cats out.

    For purposes of pleasing our feline overlords, Cairo Gossip is currently considering converting CG Tunes into CG Tunes - where CG stands for Cat Gratification.

    Have a listen here.