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  • Camels Go Toe-to-Toe in Saudi Beauty Contest

    Every year, a bunch of crazy Saudis take part in the Al-Dhafra Camel Festival where scores of camels and their proud owners travel to the Western desert of UAE to partake in the typical trading and commercial festivities associated with such a gathering. And while the traditional importance of these animals assures that they are held in high regard, another activity of the festival might take you by surprise - or not.

    The highlight of the 40-day event is a camel beauty pageant complete with panel of judges and hoof specifications. This may all seem ridiculous until you hear the prize for the top camel - $1 million dollars (read in Dr. Evil voice for maximum effect) - and there's some sort of bikini-contest-camel-toe joke in here somewhere that I'm far too classy to fall back on.

    In all seriousness though, the festival aims to raise awareness of camel breeding and is the go-to event for the most most elite breeds of camel. Which is good.