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  • Saudi Restaurant Pledges Free Shawerma for Life to Insane Parents

    Shawerma - the life blood of the Arab world. Our answer to New York's hotdog and Britain's fish and chips - a staple that has come to be as comforting and familiar as koshary, ta3meya in Egypt.

    So in love with shawerma are we as a region, that popular restaurant chain, Shawarmer, have pledged a life-time of their namesake food to anyone who names their newborn girl, Shawerma, or their newborn son, Shawermer in Saudi Arabia.

    Now, first of all, lets be honest for a second and admit that we all considered it for a second - the prospect of free shawerma for life isn't something to be dismissed lightly. Now let's take a second to consider that, in a year that saw an Egyptian man name his son Putin, there is someone out there crazy enough to do it - particularly when there's free food up for grabs.

    The Facebook post has been met with humour, but this is the Middle East- anything can happen.

    By Kalam El Qahaira