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  • 'Atheist Cafe' Shutdown in Downtown Cairo

    Eyes are rolling firmly into the back of heads across Cairo, with news of yet another facepalm moment in what has been a weird and eventful year: Egyptian security forces have  raided what they are referring to as an 'atheist cafe'.

    The ahwa, located on Falaki Street, has been shut-the-fuck-down for allegedly being a hotbed for satanic worshipers - which technically means it can't also be atheist, right? Let's not get tied up in semantics, though, or we'll be here all day.

    Speaking to Mada Masr, Chief of the Abdeen Municipality, Gamal Mohie, added that the cafe was also shutdown because it was unlicensed and that drug were found inside.

    So, that's an unlicensed, atheist cafe that is frequented by Satan worshipers and druggies. It's ok if you're confused. Everyone is.