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  • 10 of the Most Bizarre Things That Happened in Egypt in 2016

    What an epic hurricane of bitch-slaps 2016 has been to all of us! So many horrendous tragedies, disasters, deaths and general suckiness has occurred; it makes us slightly scared to wonder what the new year has in store for us. 2016 was pretty crap for the whole world, but in Egypt, it took on a whole new level of bizarre. Here are our choices of the strangest stories that made the news or went viral on our feeds.

    1. The time a man dressed his dog up and took him for a ride around Cairo.


    We’re not sure this is real but it is definitely cute.

    2. #ThatAwkwardMoment when a man hijacked a plane to see his ex-wife.


    The internet went crazy.

    3. That time when we lost two islands to Saudi Arabia – then got them back.


    What’s a little real estate between friends, eh? At least we had fun tweeting about it.

    4. When they blamed Egyptian strawberries for a Hepatitis A Outbreak in the US


    We wrote about this in August.

    5. When two actors gave policemen condom balloons.

    And the Egyptian media tore them a new one.

    6. When this viral post made us lose hope in Egypt’s education system.


    7. When an Egyptian toddler was sentenced to life in prison.


    There’s a lot of back and forth on whether this story was true, but still WTF.

    8.When a Baltageya Facebook Page Offered Thugs for Hire.


    F*** up your ex’s car for just 1500LE? Sweet deal! While we love the Egyptian entrepreneurial spirit, we’re happy to report the company/prankster has deleted the Facebook page.

    9. When a man made a beard out of BEES to promote beekeeping.

    Mohamed Hagras, 31, prays as he performs the "Beard of Bee" before the upcoming Egyptian Agricultural Carnival of Beekeeping in his farm at Shebin El Kom city in the province of Al- Al-Monofyia
    Photo courtesy of Reuters

    No lie, we watched this dude’s video on repeat for a few hours with our mouths gaping open.

    10. When two pandas were caught smoking shisha.

    panda bizarre

    We don’t know if this is real, staged, or even in Egypt. We don’t care. This is our profile pic for 2016.

    So, yeah - weird year all round. Here's to an even weirder 2017.

    By Samar El Shams