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  • 10 Bizarre Names Egyptians Choose to Call Their Little Rascals

    Have you ever experienced that moment where you hear a stranger’s name for the first time, a name that gets you to do a double take, and question your hearing capabilities? The good news is you’re not alone! We, as always, took the liberty of collecting the weirdest, most bizarre names, so that you’ll be better prepared next time.

    Disclaimer, we did not make up those names. We promise there are actual humans who carry the names below!


    1. Zamer, and Ayham

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    Yes, you read correctly. Originating from the Arabic language, both male names carry the same meaning: brave.

    1. Saden

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    This one has German origins, and it means dark-hearted.

    1. Orion

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    This one dates back to Greek mythology. Orion was the hunter son of Poseidon. He loved the goddess Artemis, but she accidentally killed him (oops), so he was transformed into a constellation.

    1. Bahinaz

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    It’s a female name. The meaning of the name Bahinaz conveys personality traits such as seriousness, intuition, thought, and wisdom.

    1. Lolwa

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    This one’s origin is Arabic, and it means pearl.

    1. Mahnaz

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    Mahnaz is of Persian origin, and it means glory of the moon. Isn’t that exotic!  

    1. Dai

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    Dai originates from the Arabic language, and it means light.

    1. Kawkab

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    Yes, there are actual females called Kawkab. It is Arabic, and it means planet.

    1. Shahesta

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    It is of Arabic origin, and it means beautiful.

    1. Balkees

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    Now that’s a historical name of Arabic origin. There once lived a distinguished woman of her time, she was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and she was the wife of Sayfud-din Al-Hanafi. She was the Queen of Sheba.

    By Dina Khafagy