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    More Details Announced For 'The Krypt'


    Last week, we brought you news of the Krypt & this week we bring you more even more news about what is shaping up to be the must-go-to party Halloween party this year!

    The Krypt: Nacelle's Halloween Party


    If Nacelle was a human being, it would the the coolest cat in town and in true cool cat style, he/she/it is celebrating Halloween in style this year...

    Things to Do in Cairo This Weekend

    Huzzah! Another desperately-needed weekend is nigh and there are more 'things', so to speak, to 'do', if you will, across Cairo's bars and clubs...

    Ten Outrageous Halloween Costumes

    The mother of all superfluous non-celebrations is a few weeks away, but Cairenes are already putting all manner of ridiculous costumes together...


    Egyptian footballer, Shawky El Said, returned to Egypt this week with more than just three points following a 2-0 win in Botswana earlier this week...


    Cairo Gossip has teamed up with the nice people at popular Lebanese restaurant, Abdel Wahab, for a special Mother's Day competition - winning is easy...