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    Bassem Bags Award at New York Festivals


    Bassem Youssef, has been on a bit of a hot-streak as of late and has hit the headlines once more after earning himself an award at New York Festivals...

    Photos Catch Perfect Images of the Pink Mosque


    There's a beauty about Islamic architecture that is criminally under-appreciated but there are few mosques as unique as the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Iran...

    Things to Do in Cairo This Weekend

    Post-Easter break weekends are notoriously slow, but Cairo has some big gigs and parties awaiting, as well one of the year's biggest food events...

    Vision: AUC Film Festival Set to Rock the Boat

    Artsy types rejoice – AUC will be hosting a film festival that is profoundly less pretentious and more accessible than anything you’ve seen before this weekend...


    Say goodbye to getting any work done today. As we speak, thousands of people are furiously tapping away at their keyboards, thanks to Google Maps...


    Cairo Gossip teams up with Ayadina to give a lucky reader the chance to dine in style with four friends at the Lebanese restaurant's Citystars branch...