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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes Over Egypt


    Last week, CG's sister site, Cairo 360, took the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and challenged a few of their friends from across the city to take the plunge for charity...

    Things to Do in Sahel This Weekend


    It's the last weekend of August - sigh - and summer is slowly but surely slipping away, like an empty Stella can along the beaches of the North Coast...

    Mandala & Lulu's Team-Up For Gouna Retreat

    Our good friends at Mandala Yoga and Lulu's Kitchen are hitting the road next month for another retreat, and this time it's Gouna.

    What to Expect From Season Two at VENT

    Yes, the news is in; the VENT team have announced the date of the Downtown bar's reopening and have plenty of new surprises in store...


    Youm7.com has today reported that residents of the Egyptian city of Mehalla woke up to find a dead lion in a garbage mound yesterday morning...


    Cairo Gossip has teamed up with the nice people at popular Lebanese restaurant, Abdel Wahab, for a special Mother's Day competition - winning is easy...