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    Things to Do in Cairo This Week


    Cairo's bars and clubs a chockablock with events this week, as we await quirky jazz from Germany, local hippity-hopping and some of Cairo's best DJs...

    Chivas Regal Wins Award at 45th IWSC


    Already one of the most popular and highly-regarded whiskys in the world, Chivas Regal has added a new trophy to its heaving cabinet of accolades...

    All Black Everything: Eid in Gouna

    Just as we were starting to get Gouna withdrawal symptoms, the party hungry folk at Nineteen84 have swooped in and saved the day with a party this Eid...

    Egypt Steps Up Surveillance of Online Activity

    Officials have confirmed that activities on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & anything you can send an emoticon on will be monitored on a much broader scale...


    A zany American isn't content with just drinking tea and has repurposed it in a way that is a fascinating as it is peculiur - she sells smokable tea...


    Cairo Gossip has teamed up with the nice people at popular Lebanese restaurant, Abdel Wahab, for a special Mother's Day competition - winning is easy...