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    6 Egyptians Qualify for the Obama Leadership Program


    *Mic drop*

    Ultimate CGuide: Weekend Parties in Sahel & Cairo

    CJC610 - SAFI-9

    So you can either finish work, and head to a great party; or swim all day and go to an even greater party.

    This Is a Chance for All the Emerging DJs to Get Their Music Heard!

    Get spinning, mixing and hypnotizing us with your sets!

    CGuides: 12 Parties Happening This Midweek
    CJC610 - SAFI-14

    Cairo is bringing summer vibes right to you.


    What you can eat if you love weird-looking, shivers-triggering Egyptian food.


    Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Graffiti recently brought together the joys of sushi and jazz under one roof and they're giving you the chance to win dinner for two...